ORM (Online Reputation Management)

Online Reputation Management has become a vital part of any brand reputation management strategy. Protecting a brand image is the most vital issue an organization must do. A brand name and goodwill is earned through years of hardwork and losing it could take just minutes in the on-line world.

In today’s reality businesses are steadily falling prey to negative scam allegations that could harm their internet name drastically. Slander feedback or negative remarks could topple their the on-line reputation name of your business which will lead to negative impact to your online integrity and this result in loss of sales, perhaps even the business itself.

Don’t let negative mentions or reviews concerning your company hurt your business. Prospective customers searching for your company will see these negative entries and sometimes we choose to buy their product or services from another company.

Online name Management is the process of measuring, monitoring, tracking and creating constructive conversations concerning your brand, corporate and private identity, on the web. In summary, it encompasses the subsequent steps:

• Monitoring on-line conversation concerning your brand or personal identity.

• Understanding what's being said concerning it and critically analyzing the explanations behind the discussions.

• Devising a organized strategy and interacting with your customers to mitigate any harm to your brand that might probably arise as a results of feedback concerning your company, product or business methods.

• Ensuring that no more negative repercussions occur by maintaining a powerful positive on-line presence.

Our Services

Star web technology assists its customer’s express their on-line reputation management with its know- how in search Optimization solutions and rightly incorporate it with their on-line marketing service portfolio. we've also worked on and have positively executed reputation management campaigns to assist businesses comes off of worrying things.